1982 Foundation of SUN GARDEN in Neuenkirchen / Rheine (GmbH)
1991 Foundation of SUN GARDEN - Polska in Poland (Sp.z.o.o / GmbH)
1995 Expansion of SUN GARDEN in Germany with the building of a new Logistics Centre in Neuenkirchen
1996 Market launch of the cantilever parasol
1997 Expansion of production in Malanów (Poland; approx. 10,000 m²)
2000 Expansion of finished goods warehouse in Malanów (Poland; approx. 7,500 m²)
2002 Foundation of  SUN GARDEN Romania, Planning of an assembly unit in Romania(SRL / GmbH).
2002 Expansion of finished goods warehouse in Malanów (Poland) by 7,500 m²
2003 Construction of a new factory in Romania (approx. 5,000 m²)
2004  2nd. phase of construction in Romania (approx. 4,500 m²); construction of a further 5,500 m² in Poland (Expansion of the filling unit in SG PL)
2005 Construction of a foam production line in Malanów (Poland) (approx. 2,500 m2)
2007 Expansion of the ripening storage for the foam production line and optimisation of foam cutting in Poland.
2008  Building of long blocks warehouse (3,500 m2)


SUN GARDEN Germany   60 employees
SUN GARDEN Romania 800 employees
SUN GARDEN Poland  1.500 employees

Plant area:

Germany:   30.000 m2
Poland:       80.000 m2
Romania:    10.000 m2
Total:        120.000 m2


Mr Ewald Kösters (Managing Partner)
Mrs Marianne Kösters (Managing Director)
Mr Frank Lindner (Sales/ Authorised Representative)
Mr Wilfried Oelck (Financial Controller/ Authorised Representative)
Mr  Andreas Blanke (Purchasing Manager)
Mr Markus Hellenthal (Managing Director, SG Poland)
Mr Witold Jarecki (Plant manager SG Poland)
Ms Marta Witkowska (Financial Manager SG Poland)
Mr Piotr Andrzejczak (Responsabil IT)
Ms Edyta Sobocka-Janeczek (Responsabil Aprovizionare)
Ms Noemi Fülöp (Commercial Manager, SG Romania)
Mr Sergiu Mastacan (Plant manager SG Romania)


Garden seat pads
Garden furniture
Home textiles
Upholstered furniture